Spotlight Patient: Donna’s Facelift One Year Later

When people ask me what I find most rewarding about being a board-certified plastic surgeon, many are surprised to hear me mention the long term relationships that I have established with my patients.  They seem to think that since many of the procedures that I perform are surgical, my patients only talk with me during a handful of consultations before we go our separate ways.  Actually that is almost never the case.  Nothing can completely stop the aging process, and even though many of the facial plastic surgery procedures that I perform can effectively “turn back the clock,” ongoing maintenance procedures for the face and regular follow-up visits are absolutely essential if a patient truly wants to look their best.  This means that I often have the opportunity to revisit my patients years or even decades down the line.

Take, for example, Donna.  Back in February of 2016, when she began noticing some of the early signs of facial aging, Donna came to me for a facial rejuvenation consultation.  Although she initially believed that she was too young to consider a full facelift procedure, I explained the many possible advantages of starting plastic surgery procedures earlier in the aging process and showed her how making incremental adjustments gradually over time could potentially achieve more natural looking results.  Together, after viewing many before and after pictures and computer generated images of her potential results, we decided that Donna could benefit from a full facelift combined with eyelid surgery, to remove the excess, sagging skin that was causing wrinkles and making her look older than she felt.  I completed the procedure with fat transfer techniques to restore lost facial volume and a 15% TCA chemical peel to help rejuvenate the appearance of the skin and stimulate collagen production.

Donna used her experience as a professional videographer to document the entire procedure from start to finish:

Pre-Op Facelift“As I look back at photos of myself in the years leading up to my facelift, I am so happy that I did it,” Donna explained.  “You can see that my eyes looked tired, but the lift has really opened them.  I am much happier with the texture of my skin, the additional fat Dr. Burstein added to the right side of my face to even the asymmetrical look, and the easing of the wrinkles in my forehead and smile lines.  I even like the way my neck looks now.  After more than a year, I am more pleased than ever.”  Donna’s results are not unusual.  According to extensive studies conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS), the results of facelift procedures will generally remain constant for at least five and a half years, on average, before the natural signs of facial aging begin to reassert themselves, and in my experience many patients continue to enjoy their facelift results for ten years or more.

atlanta facial plastic surgeonNo two faces are ever exactly alike, and even different areas of the same face can age at different rates.  This is why every face requires a customized approach.  If you are interested in finding out exactly what specific facial plastic surgery procedures would be best for you please contact me, Dr. Fernando Burstein so that we can schedule a full consultation, which will include advanced computer imaging to show you simulated potential results.  Be sure to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for the latest facial plastic surgery news.