Dr. Burstein Answers Frequently Asked Questions about Natural Facial Rejuvenation

Q.) Why is my own tissue better than implants for facial plastic surgery?
A.) By using your own tissue during facial plastic surgery like chin augmentation (genioplasty), cheek augmentation, or lip augmentation, your risk of surgical complications like rejection and infection are greatly reduced. Also, by using materials inherent to your biology, the cosmetic results tend to be much more subtle and natural looking than those created through implantable devices.

Q.) Will my plastic surgery results be as good using my own fat or tissue as they would with implants?
A.) Although circumstances may dictate the use of an implant, the reason I prefer to work with naturally occurring tissues during facial plastic surgery is because they typically yield more aesthetically pleasing and natural looking results. I have found that with a majority of facial rejuvenation and facial reconstruction patients that naturalness in appearance really is a key factor in patient satisfaction.

Q.) Is there anything non-surgical that can help my skin look significantly tighter and more youthful?
A.) There are a variety of minimally invasive cosmetic treatments available for facial rejuvenation. Some of the most popular remain Botox® and Dysport® injections to relax the wrinkle causing muscles between and around the eyes and Juvèderm® and Restylane® facial fillers to re-plump areas of lost volume around the mouth and nose that thin with age-related collagen degradation. Chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing treatments like the ones available through AYA Medical Spa are excellent treatments to minimize the appearance of coloration and texture issues from sun damage, hormonal changes, and skin conditions like rosacea that can occur with age. There are also ultrasound powered treatments that can be used to stimulate your body’s ability to produce collagen. It’s best to receive an expert skin analysis to decide which treatment will target your concerns most effectively.

Q.) Will my post-plastic surgery downtime be shorter because you use natural materials for enhancement?
A.) Because the natural materials used minimize the risk of developing surgical complications, the downtime associated with facial plastic surgery may be shortened; however, it’s still important to adhere to all of your plastic surgeon’s prescribed aftercare instructions and attend any scheduled follow-up appointments to ensure that you are healing properly. Proper recovery and complication prevention are keys in avoiding secondary facial plastic surgery like revisionary rhinoplasty.