Meet Dr. Burstein’s July Spotlight Patient

When her daughter reached age seven, Donna started noticing development symptoms causing Angelica’s face to be asymmetrical. Angelica is now a 17 year old, young lady who had reconstructive surgery performed on her jaw and chin. In June 2011, Dr. Burstein performed several reconstructive surgeries on Angelica including bilateral mandibular osteotomies and maxillary osteotomies.  Dr. Burstein performed both a lower (mandibular) and upper jaw surgery (maxillary) on Angelica. With these surgeries he moved her jaw down on one side of her face, removed facial bone, and performed a genioplasty to better define her chin. This procedure moves the patient’s own chin to a more aesthetically pleasing position through a small incision inside the mouth. This technique avoids potential long term problems sometimes seen with artificial implants.

Initially, when Donna noticed Angelica’s jaw wasn’t even, she was referred to an oral surgeon by her orthodontist, Dr. Morris Soriano. After multiple referrals, Donna didn’t feel she was getting the information she needed for a proper diagnosis and plan for Angelica’s treatment. After completing her own research she found the Scottish Rite Center of Craniofacial Disorders and Dr. Fernando Burstein’s credentials.

Although it was Angelica who ultimately decided she wanted Dr. Burstein to perform her surgery, Donna said they were both most impressed with Dr. Burstein’s excellent bedside manner.  I felt his experience with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta was worth a lot of weight, and he made Angelica and I feel very comfortable with his positive attitude,” said Donna.

Angelica’s procedures have positively impacted her life.  She no longer hangs her hair to cover up her face and comments on pictures of herself saying, “Wow, what a difference.” Angelica is part of a dance company where she performs jazz, modern, ballet and pointe at annual recitals. While she’s always been outgoing, after the surgery she has become more confident being on stage.  Donna says she and Angelica would definitely choose Dr. Burstein again if needed.  For now, Angelica is busy preparing to attend Georgia State with aspirations to become a dermatologist.

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