Dr. Fernando Burstein’s Patient Fully Recovered After 8 Years

“Gip” endured five grueling years recovering from an accidental shotgun wound to the head that he sustained in 2003 while hunting in Vidalia, Ga.  With only three weeks into his freshman year of college.  Gip and his friend were dove-hunting when a bird came from the left and the gun his friend was picking up accidently went off.  The shotgun blast crushed the entire right front corner of his skull.  Since then he’s had more than 25 surgeries and procedures and spent numerous months in intensive therapy at Atlanta’s Shepherd Center.

Dr. Fernando Burstein reconstructed Gip’s skull, which involved bone and scalp reconstruction, with the help of fellow reconstructive surgeon and colleague Dr. Franklyn Elliott.  Craniofacial surgery is a specific surgical discipline that focuses on the reconstruction of skull and facial bones.  Dr. Burstein and the reconstruction team performed multiple surgeries on Gip in 2004 and 2005.  Gip’s parents, attribute the medical skill and gentle bedside manner of Dr. Burstein and the rest of the surgical team for Gip’s successful recovery.

Gip recently graduated from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor of Science degree after returning to school in 2008. Gip’s parents have written a book about their experiences and Gip’s miraculous recovery, entitled “And Then Came The Angels,” which will be available later this summer. The Gayles’ book details the procedures performed that helped bring life and hope back into Gip’s recovery. Once released, the book will be available in your local retailers such as Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million and/or online through your favorite booksellers, including Amazon.com

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