Meet Our July Spotlight Patient: Rhinophyma

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With almost thirty years experience driving a truck, John spends much of his time on the road. Married with three children (two daughters and a son), John enjoys time with his family when he’s not working. From his description, he sounds like an average guy. Unfortunately, due to a rare skin condition called rhinophyma, John didn’t look like an average guy before his reconstructive surgery. After years of suffering from rosacea, excess tissue developed on his nose giving it a protruding, bulbous appearance.

Rosacea is a fairly common skin condition symptomized by red, inflamed skin of the face that may develop acne-like pimples or puss filled bumps. Often referred to as adult acne, rosacea typically resembles just that—acne. However, severe cases of rosacea can lead to a swollen or even disfigured red nose. Rhinophyma, most common in men, can even progress to disrupt breathing.  This side effect is what led John  to Atlanta Plastic Surgery.

John suffered from rosacea symptoms for many years before his symptoms progressed to rhinophyma. Since rosacea is a skin condition, a dermatologist seemed like the logical choice in his search for relief. John received cortisone treatments from his dermatologist in an effort to shrink the excess tissue. Seeing no results with the cortisone treatment, John’s daughter began researching his condition online and found Atlanta Plastic Surgery’s facial plastic surgeon Dr. Fernando Burstein.

In order to reduce the growth obstructing John’s breathing, Dr. Burstein performed surgical resection and reconstructive surgery of the nose. During reconstructive procedures, Dr. Burstein works first to restore function and then focuses on aesthetics.  Sometimes, multiple procedures are required to allow the patient to heal properly and obtain the desired cosmetic goals. Although John plans to have an additional procedure to further enhance the appearance of his nose, he and his family are very pleased with Dr. Burstein’s work.

Although Dr. Burstein often performs procedures like rhinoplasty (cosmetic nose surgery) and reconstructive surgery of the nose to correct congenital defects or nasal abnormalities, reconstructive surgery to correct rhinophyma is a fairly uncommon procedure for Dr. Burstein. In fact, many people with this condition do not realize there is help and often become social recluses. Blessed with a loving family who didn’t settle when other treatments failed, John was able to find relief and shares his story to spread hope to other individuals who suffer from facial deformities.

Dedicating his career to facial plastic surgery, Dr. Burstein specializes in cosmetic facial procedures, as well as reconstructive surgery of the face. Visit his website to learn more about the procedures he performs and to view his before and after gallery. Be sure to connect with him on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-the-minute plastic surgery news.