Our October 2010 Spotlight Patient

If you have had the pleasure of seeing any of Keiko’s photographs you know that she is an artist that recognizes the beauty of the human form.  Having been a dancer for the past 40 years, Keiko also takes pride in maintaining her own health and beauty.  That is one of the reasons why Keiko opted for rhinoplasty nose surgery over 22 years ago.

She recalls that during her first procedure, performed by another surgeon, she felt she was a “project” instead of a patient.  Eventually the material that was used in her original, unusual nose surgery caused an infection, diagnosed through an MRI. Concerned about her health and the repercussions an infection would have on her augmented nose; Keiko was referred to and contacted Dr. Burstein of Atlanta Plastic Surgery.

Keiko was impressed with Dr. Burstein, because of his expertise and experience with facial cosmetic surgery, specializing in rhinoplasty surgery; but what made her decide to choose him as her surgeon was the level of comfort she felt during the consultation. His bedside manner and knowledge of the field made the surgery process very easy – calming any fears she had.

Dr. Burstein worked to cure Keiko’s persisting infection, and performed revisionary rhinoplasty surgery to correct and improve the look of her augmented nose.  After surgery, Keiko says that she feels great!  She continues to photograph and keep in shape though her weekly, athletic hobbies including contemporary, areal, and acro-yoga dance classes.  Keiko’s even joined a performing extreme tumbling team, and says that if and when she is ready for another cosmetic surgery procedure, Dr. Burstein will be her plastic surgeon once again.

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*Makeup, hair cut/styling and photography by Keiko.