Meet Our December Spotlight Patient

atlanta rhinoplasty resultsDr. Fernando Burstein’s rhinoplasty patient Miranda is, in a word, busy.  Miranda’s efforts are focused on getting into college and pursuing a career in education.  Speaking with the naturally bubbly Atlantan, you would never recognize her once self-conscious feelings about the appearance of her nose.

When she turned 13, Miranda began to express her discontent with her nose to her mother.  Miranda’s mother listened carefully to her daughter’s concerns, and after thoughtful consideration, agreed to allow Miranda to undergo nose surgery (rhinoplasty) before school started in the fall.  Speaking fondly of her mother’s continued support Miranda shares,

“A lot of people may hold negative views of parents who allow their teenage children to undergo facial cosmetic surgery.  My mom is so protective and conscientious of my care, I know she maintains my best interest no matter what challenge I’m facing.”

Impressed by Dr. Fernando Burstein’s specialized expertise in facial cosmetic surgery and Atlanta reconstructive surgery, it was Miranda’s mother who researched Dr. Burstein and first suggested Miranda speak with him about her possible procedure.  Miranda liked that Dr. Burstein had experience operating on children before and listened to her concerns:atlanta rhinoplasty results

“Dr. Burstein and his Atlanta Plastic Surgery staff were absolutely wonderful!  They listened to what I wanted out of the surgery and were realistic with what could be accomplished.  They even gave me recovery tips so that I would heal faster.”

Heal faster she did.  Five days after her rhinoplasty surgery, Miranda began school right on time with the rest of her classmates.  Miranda is now thrilled with her rhinoplasty results.  Friends she’s known for years noticed how confident she looked starting the new school year, but couldn’t put their finger on what exactly had changed.

Miranda isn’t interested in pursuing any additional cosmetic surgery at this point in her life, but says she will gladly allow Dr. Burstein to assist her with any “age maintenance” she faces in the future.  A devoted volunteer for Emory University’s Autism Center, Miranda knows that many of life’s positive influences are more easily seen than heard.  She continues to use her story as a testament to the power of self-improvement and enjoys speaking to young people struggling with the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery.

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