Recovering from Your Rhinoplasty Procedure

The nose is an important facial feature that provides aesthetic balance and allows us to comfortably breathe. Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is a common facial procedure unique in its ability to address both cosmetic and functional concerns of the nose. Double board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Fernando Burstein has performed rhinoplasty on patients with diverse skin types, bone structures, and aesthetic concerns. With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Burstein commonly hears concerns about the recovery process that his patients have about this procedure. To ensure patient safety and comfort, Dr. Burstein uses non-traditional post-operative methods so his patients experience minimal discomfort and a quick recovery.

Nose Surgery

There are many features of the nose including the bridge, tip, and base (nostrils) that both men and women may wish to address through rhinoplasty. Dr. Burstein can alter the base, shorten or lengthen the bridge, or re-define the tip. He can also perform reconstructive techniques to re-align breathing passages if the patient has a deviated septum or has suffered trauma. Average procedure times are approximately 1 and ½ hours. However, just as each nose procedure is unique, recovery times will vary as well.

During the procedure, Dr. Burstein provides specialized care with a customized regimen tailored to significantly reduce any discomfort. He offers a powerful local anesthetic that lasts many hours after surgery and detailed instructions to control swelling. Dr. Burstein uses dissolvable sutures and delicate surgical instruments without the need for nasal packing for a more comfortable and swift recovery. With his unique recovery plan, patients can quickly recover with maximized comfort for the best possible rhinoplasty results.

To determine a more accurate treatment plan, patients must schedule an in-person consultation. If you are interested in a facial cosmetic or reconstructive procedure, be sure to contact us today. Also, connect with Dr. Burstein on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for facial plastic surgery news and updates.