Our February 2010 Spotlight Patient

Sandy is an artist. So when she started thinking about having plastic surgery, she wanted to go to a doctor who understood the artistic elements and natural contours that make a face beautiful. She started considering plastic surgery once she became an “empty nester” and felt compelled, as a member of the creative community, to stay fresh in her appearance.

It took Sandy two years of researching the surgery, researching doctors, and contemplating the procedure before she decided to go with Dr. Burstein of Atlanta Plastic Surgery. Sandy remembers, “I like Dr. Burstein’s approach, he was conservative and I didn’t want any drastic, noticeable changes.”

Sandy’s facelift procedure was not however her first experience with Dr. Burstein; her husband had come to see him for reconstruction of the forehead. Dr. Burstein is board certified in both plastic and reconstructive surgery and head and neck surgery and Sandy was impressed by the fact that he only concentrates on “the head up.” She knew how involved reconstructive surgery can be and was the deciding factor in choosing Dr. Burstein for her plastic surgery procedure.

Dr. Burstein performed a full facelift on Sandy, focusing on lifting the brows and eyes. Sandy is more than happy with her “freshened” look – noting that it was “subtle, but lasting.” She was even featured with Dr. Burstein on Atlanta’s Home & Style to talk about her successful surgery experience. Sandy says, “Being an artist, I thought Dr. Burstein was also an artist. In a different area, but he was also an artist.”

Nowadays, Sandy visits AYA medical spa for treatments like the Obagi Blue Peel to maintain the healthy, refreshed look of her face.

“Knowing that I get up every morning and I don’t look my age,” says Sandy. “I look a lot younger than my age. I feel good about how I look. It starts the day off right.”