Ask Dr. Burstein: Can I Get Facial Rejuvenation and Still Look Masculine?

Double board-certified plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist Dr. Fernando Burstein has spent a lifetime performing cosmetic and reconstructive facial plastic surgery procedures ranging from cleft lip and palate repair to aesthetic rhinoplasty and even ear surgery on men and women of all ages.  In our ongoing blog feature, Ask Dr. Burstein, you will have the opportunity to hear him answer some of the most frequently asked questions he receives about facial plastic surgery.

Ask Dr. Burstein Can I Get Facial Rejuvenation and Still Look MasculineQUESTION:  I am a man in my early fifties, and I have always worked hard to stay active and to keep myself physically fit.  Recently, however, I have started to notice deep furrows in my brow, facial wrinkles, and other assorted changes in my face that are beginning to make me look much older than I feel.  I believe that looking younger would probably give me an advantage both professionally and personally, and have been considering some form of plastic surgery, like perhaps a facelift.  However, I am concerned that such procedures might give my face a more feminine appearance.  What steps could you take to make my face look younger while still appearing masculine?  Are there any specific procedures that you might recommend?

ANSWER: This is actually a question that I am asked quite frequently.  The popularity of cosmetic plastic surgery among men continues to increase every year, but many of the changes that traditionally make the face look younger, like lifting the brow to make the eyes less hooded, smoothing the skin to remove wrinkles and blemishes, or adding volume to sunken cheeks, can also potentially make the face appear softer, rounder, and more feminine.  In my experience, the key to a successful male plastic surgery procedure, or to any facial rejuvenation procedure for that matter, lies in avoiding over-correction.  Rather than focusing on a single facial feature, I have found that making subtle, almost undetectable changes to different areas of the face can give a patient a more youthful appearance without significantly altering their fundamental facial structure or giving them an obviously “worked-on” look.

In terms of specific anti-aging procedures for men, I have found that blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is often extremely effective.  Many men find that sagging eyelids and under-eye bags can make them appear perpetually tired or even angry and unapproachable.  Removing the excess skin and tiny deposits of fat from the upper and/or lower eyelids can make the entre face look more rested and vital.  A mini-facelift, which focuses exclusively on the area beneath the eyes and above the jaw line, can also be an excellent way to eliminate wrinkles and improve facial volume while still maintaining a strong chin and jaw.  Every face is different and requires a customized approach, so if you are interested in finding out exactly what specific facial plastic surgery procedures would be best for you please contact me, Dr. Fernando Burstein so that we can schedule a full consultation or even give you a chance to see possible visual results.

About Dr. Fernando Burstein

Dr. Fernando Burstein is a well-respected Atlanta facial plastic surgeon with board certifications in both plastic and reconstructive surgery and otolaryngology (head and neck surgery.)  With nearly thirty years of experience specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive facial plastic surgery procedures, Dr. Burstein has served as both the chief of plastic and reconstructive surgery and the director of the Center of Craniofacial Disorders at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta as well as a clinical professor of plastic and reconstructive surgery at Emory University.  He has authored and published more than 100 articles and book chapters on facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and has been honored as one of the top plastic surgeons in Atlanta by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., a national organization founded in 1991 to help guide consumers to the highest quality healthcare, for the past eight consecutive years.