Meet Dr. Burstein’s May 2014 Spotlight Patient

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*Results provided by Dr. Fernando Burstein of Atlanta Plastic Surgery, PC.  Treatment results may vary from person to person.

Hailing from Bogart, Georgia, Jeanne is no stranger to facial rejuvenation.  As an avid mother of three living an active lifestyle, Jeanne began noticing an increase drooping of her brows.  Having used Botox® for several years to address minor cosmetic concerns, Jeanne realized it merely served as a temporary solution and more comprehensive facial rejuvenation procedures would need to be performed to address underlying muscle and restore a well-rested appearance.

When Jeanne first began her plastic surgeon research she wasn’t sure who she would choose but knew it had to be a skilled surgeon with a specialty in facial plastic surgery.  “I wanted to look how I was supposed to look like in the mirror.  I wanted my results to appear natural and normal, as if something had been done but you couldn’t quite tell what was done,” Jeanne expressed.  “Dr. Burstein was actually the last doctor on my interview list after a recommendation from my dermatologist.  When I met with Dr. Burstein all I wanted initially was to hear him out.  We met, I listened and we cliqued right away; Dr. Burstein said all of the right things and within a few short weeks it was time for my procedure.”

Jeanne discussed her facial rejuvenation procedure options with Dr. Burstein and decided on a September 2013 procedure including neck lift and temporal lift (brow lift).  Using the endoscopic (“key hole”) brow lift technique, Dr. Burstein addressed wrinkles and deep creases on Jeanne’s forehead with small hidden incisions within her hairline.  A 15% TCA chemical peel was also performed after the procedure to enhance her surgical results and improve her skin tone and texture.  For Jeanne, the entire process with Dr. Burstein was a pleasure.

“The entire staff was so nice and helpful.  I bonded with Debi (Dr. Burstein’s nurse practitioner) over our love of Athens, GA and everyone took such great care of me,” Jeanne recalled.  “I’m not one for false modesty and am not shy about sharing my excitement of my results from Dr. Burstein.  With his great bedside manner, straight-forward demeanor and surgical skill, I would definitely recommend Dr. Burstein and would have him as my surgeon in the future.”

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