Meet Our November Spotlight Patient


Christopher spends a lot of his time “plugged in” to technology.  His mother Gloria describes him as “talented with tech gadgets” and “very gifted with computers.” Christopher likes to spend his free time developing applications for the iPhone and just got a new synthesizer to work on creating techno music. Judging from his confidence and abilities now, you’d never know Christopher underwent a rhinoplasty to repair a deviated septum and a chin surgery (genioplasty) to balance his profile this summer.

Since he was young, Christopher had trouble breathing, often woke up his family with his loud snoring, and had even started complaining about a constant itching in his nose.  His pediatric ear, nose, and throat specialist recommended Dr. Fernando Burstein to help him with his breathing problems.

Christopher mother was hesitant at first to have her son undergo cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.  However, Dr. Burstein’s easygoing, comforting personality and his use of the latest before and after computer imaging technology convinced them that the procedures would benefit Christopher. During the initial consultation, Christopher mother says that Dr. Burstein confirmed that when Christopher took a breath, air was only entering through one side of his nose, and that as he grew, Christopher’s deviated septum would continue to impede his breathing.

Christopher and his family were also impressed with Dr. Burstein’s bedside manner and caring staff.  They understood the importance of catering to both Christopher and his parents. Gloria, Christopher’s mom, says that Dr. Burstein showed “great bedside manner, perfect for a teenager.” Gloria especially loved the time Lisa, Dr. Burstein’s administrative assistant, took to explain what insurance would cover and how payments would be mapped out. Says Gloria about Dr. Burstein’s office and staff, “It’s just a good place to go.”

While the healing process was trying for Christopher, both he and his family are happy with his results. His mother says that while his personality has not changed, the results have helped his self-image and confidence. In fact, the results look so natural and the surgery went so well, that sometimes even Christopher himself forgets about his surgery; although his family happily acknowledges Christopher’s lack of snoring! Most of Christopher’s friends notice a difference, but can’t tell exactly what changed.

Christopher’s family were so pleased with him results that they have already recommended Dr. Burstein to a friend who is suffering the same breathing problems Christopher was. Gloria  is thankful her pediatric ENT specialist recommended Dr. Burstein: “You have to trust who you’re with. When you’re dealing with someone’s face you’ve really got to know. I felt like [Christopher] was in great hands.”

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