Part III: Frequently Asked Questions about Ultherapy®

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fernando burstein mdAre there any side effects from Ultherapy® Skin Tightening?

Some patients experience redness in the treatment area for a short time following an Ultherapy® session. In a few cases, patients have experienced swelling and sensations of tingling or tenderness for a few weeks after treatment. However, these are generally mild and temporary in nature. The majority of patients experience no major side effects and can return to daily activities after treatment.

Is Ulthera® ultrasound skin tightening safe?

Ultrasound technology has been used safely in medical imaging for over 50 years. Ultherapy® ultrasound skin tightening is approved by the FDA to help patients achieve firmer, less droopy facial and neck skin. Determined safe in clinical trials, tens of thousands of Ulthera® treatments have been performed safely throughout the world.  It is important, however, to only seek Ulthera® treatment from a provider who is experienced in administering the treatment.

How many Ultherapy® treatments will I need?

Many patients see skin tightening results after just one treatment with Ultherapy®. Because the treatment induces the body’s collagen production ability, it may take a few weeks for the collagen stores to rebuild and produce maximum results. Patients with more advanced signs of aging and less skin elasticity may benefit from more than one treatment. Yearly touch-up treatments can help patients keep up with the aging process.

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