Meet Our January Spotlight Patient

Atlanta facial plastic surgeonAtlanta facial plastic surgeonOriginally from Greece, Amal now lives in Florida. She first met Dr. Burstein when she accompanied one of her three children to Atlanta for his rhinoplasty consultation. Amal and her son were referred to Dr. Burstein by a doctor in their hometown who knew Dr. Burstein very well and was even a student of his at Emory. Although Amal had considered having nose surgery for many years to correct breathing problems, she intended to only discuss her son’s prospective procedure.

An expert in the natural contours of the face, Dr. Burstein knew by seeing Amal’s nose that her breathing likely suffered. He asked her about it and took a look at it when she concurred that she indeed had trouble breathing through her nose. After talking with Dr. Burstein, Amal decided to undergo nasal reconstruction.

Dr. Burstein reconstructed Amal’s nose inside and out first to fix her breathing obstruction and functionality and then to restore her nose aesthetically. Amal said this procedure was the “best thing I’ve ever done.” She’s thrilled with her nose surgery results. She can breathe much better while she’s awake, and her daughter even brought it to her attention that she breathes better in her sleep as well—no more snoring!

Amal described Dr. Burstein and his staff as “amazing” and would go back to Dr. Burstein if she needed additional surgery. She says her life is back to normal now, and people don’t even notice that she’s had something done to her nose because of Dr. Burstein’s devotion to natural-looking plastic surgery results.

Amal highly recommends Dr. Burstein to other prospective patients and offers this advice: “Make sure to do your research.” She said that when it comes to something as serious as plastic surgery, it’s more than looks that count—what’s on the inside is just as important as what’s on the outside, so be sure to look for a reputable board certified plastic surgeon.

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