Dr. Burstein’s March Spotlight Patient

dr fernando bursteinJerry, an environmental manager in Atlanta, moved from North Carolina after retiring from the military. Upset by sagging skin under the chin and a drooping brow, Jerry began considering cosmetic surgery back in October 2011. Jerry was referred by a friend to cosmetic surgeon Dr. Fernando Burstein for a consultation and found that Dr. Burstein was exactly the type of surgeon he was looking for, “Dr. Burstein and his staff were very forthcoming with everything you’d want to know. I didn’t have to ask many questions. They explain everything to you.”

Jerry underwent cosmetic rhinoplasty to reshape his nose for a more harmonious overall facial appearance, facelift and neck liposuction surgery to help tighten sagging skin under the chin and around the lower face area, and blepharoplasty surgery to eliminate drooping eyelid skin that can cause patients to look tired and have trouble seeing.

An avid SCUBA diver and sailor, Jerry is very pleased with the results of his surgery and gets plenty of compliments from his family and friends. He’s noticing a difference as well and says he feels a lot more comfortable in his own skin. Regarding his experience, Jerry says that he would most definitely consider Dr. Burstein for another cosmetic procedure due to his informative nature and the excellent care Jerry received from Dr. Burstein’s medical team. “The staff was great,” he says. “Everyone at the hospital was just superb.”

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