Meet Dr. Burstein’s November 2012 Spotlight Patient

*Results provided by Dr. Fernando Burstein of Atlanta Plastic Surgery, PC.  Treatment results may vary from person to person.

A lifelong soccer player and busy full-time nanny of two small children, Alexandra is used to being active and on-the-go.  When Alexandra broke her nose as the result of an accident, however, she did not know who to turn to for help restoring proper breathing and her ability to get back to her fast-paced lifestyle.

Dr. Burstein first performed Alexandra’s reconstructive rhinoplasty to correct her deviated septum and align the bones that had been broken as a result of her accident.  Using the closed rhinoplasty technique, Dr. Burstein carefully addressed the misalignment through a small incision hidden within Alexandra’s nose to minimize additional trauma to the area and visible scarring.

Six months following her initial reconstruction, Alexandra returned to Dr. Burstein so he could perform the aesthetic portion of her care plan while addressing the remaining functional issues and creating a pleasing profile proportionate with her other facial features.Upon the suggestion of her emergency doctor, Alexandra scheduled a consultation with board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Fernando Burstein at Atlanta Plastic Surgery.  Alexandra, who wasn’t necessarily in the market for plastic surgery before her accident, was immediately relieved and knew Dr. Burstein was the right surgeon to perform her rhinoplasty (nose surgery) when he put her at ease during the consultation. Alexandra shared about her decision to schedule surgery with Dr. Burstein, “His personality made me feel really comfortable, his friendly nature made me laugh, and his son even grew up playing soccer with my boyfriend.”

Alexandra says Dr. Burstein’s pleasant bedside manner followed him into surgery, “I don’t remember exactly what he said, but he was even making me laugh as I fell asleep before surgery.”  Very pleased with her rhinoplasty results, Alexandra has recommended Dr. Burstein to friends seeking cosmetic surgery.

After rhinoplasty with Dr. Burstein, Alexandra says she feels more confident and often hears from friends how she has “the best nose.”  She’s back to work and her favorite hobbies like playing soccer and hanging out with her favorite four-legged companion, her long-haired Chihuahua.  Alexandra closed stating, “Though I don’t plan on having any additional surgery, if I did ever need anything done, Dr. Burstein would be the first person I would call.”

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