Mini-Facelifts for Natural-Looking Customized Results

The traditional full facelift, one of the most commonly performed facial plastic surgery procedures in the United States, has long been considered the “gold standard” in facial rejuvenation.  By removing loose, sagging skin while simultaneously lifting and tightening the underlying facial musculature, a facelift can effectively alleviate a number of the traditional signs of facial aging across the entire face, and for decades, no other facial plastic surgery procedure has been able to provide results that are as comprehensive and long-lasting.  However, the progression of facial aging can vary dramatically from person to person, and it is only very rarely that all the different areas of the face age at precisely the same rate.  As a result, many patients may desire cosmetic surgery to address one specific facial area or feature while other areas require no alteration whatsoever.  This is the main reason that the mini-facelift was created.

Mini Facelift Atlanta GA A mini-facelift is a precision surgical approach designed to target a highly specific region of the face, treating certain signs of facial aging when they first begin to appear and before they can become pervasive.  By performing comparatively minor, subtle changes that blend seamlessly with the natural contours of the face, I am able to lift and rejuvenate the features without making them appear stretched or “wind-blown.”  A mini-facelift can also prevent sagging skin and wrinkles from compounding over time, effectively postponing the age at which a full facelift might otherwise have been necessary.  Finally, because mini-facelift procedures focus on specific areas rather than the entire face, they require less extensive surgery, including less anesthesia and smaller incisions, and so allow for a noticeably faster recovery.

Mini-facelifts typically focus on either the upper, middle, or lower face.  Upper facelifts work to smooth the appearance of deep forehead furrows and frown lines, middle facelifts lift and reposition the fat and muscles in the cheeks while removing excess fat from under the eyes, and lower facelifts specifically tighten the underlying muscles of the lower jaw region while removing fat from under the neck and jowls.  Because these procedures are less invasive and work with smaller muscle groups than a full facelift, they can even be done using only very tiny, limited incisions under the sideburns and in front of the ears.  It has long been my philosophy that a graduated approach to facial aging, beginning with more subtle, less invasive procedures that can be individually tailored to each patient’s unique cosmetic needs is the best way to achieve the most natural looking cosmetic surgery results while minimizing risk, recovery time, and patient expense.

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