Meet Our May 2010 Spotlight Patient

Looking at the tall, blonde, and beautiful Brandee, you would think she had it all. What you wouldn’t know though, is that Brandee had been self conscious about the look of her nose since childhood. For years, Brandee avoided taking pictures from the side so that people could not see her profile. She was so unhappy with her nose that she recalls knowing, even from a young age, that she would one day undergo plastic surgery to correct it.

After intense research and a lot of thought, Brandee turned to board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Fernando Burstein of Atlanta Plastic Surgery to perform a rhinoplasty (nose surgery) procedure. Brandee admits she scheduled a consultation with Dr. Burstein after learning that nose surgery was his specialty (in fact his practice is devoted solely to surgeries of the face and neck). But what made her choose to undergo surgery with him was his unique approach. Dr. Burstein focuses on individualizing a treatment plan for each patient – something his calls a “custom order” rhinoplasty for patients’ needs and desires.

“You can tell that you are not another patient, not another number,” Brandee recalls of Dr. Burstein. “He cares about what you’re looking for.”

That is why, for Dr. Burstein, communication is key. For Brandee, he used a computer imaging system to import a picture of her onto a screen and literally show her what her nose could look like after surgery. He even brings a picture of the computer generated image into the surgery with him to enhance precision.

For Brandee’s surgery, Dr. Burstein employed his specialized technique to decrease recovery time and pain. Instead of the standard “packing” of the nose with gauze, he utilizes dissolving sutures, greatly decreasing discomfort. To reduce the amount of bruising and swelling a regimen of icing, head elevation and anti inflammatory medication was given. After the surgery Brandee recalls feeling very little pain, and felt well enough to go out and show her new nose off to her friends the very next day.

Brandee hopes that her story will change the minds of people who want rhinoplasty surgery, but are too afraid of the recovery. She says of the results, “Now when I look in the mirror, I’m much more confident and happier with the way I look. I feel like this is the nose I was born to have.”

Rhinoplasty Patient Before & After

Spotlight Patient’s Rhinoplasty Surgery Before and After