September Spotlight Patient

Rhinoplasty & Genioplasty Results Atlanta GARhinoplasty & Genioplasty Results Atlanta GACaroline has been busy this summer. She enjoys playing piano, tennis, lifeguarding, and probably most importantly to her—traveling. A high schooler, Caroline’s year will most likely be spent researching and visiting colleges that offer international studies programs. What Caroline won’t be concerned with anymore is the appearance of her nose. This June, Caroline received rhinoplasty (nose surgery) and genioplasty (chin surgery) from Dr. Fernando Burstein.

After a lot of very careful research and several consultations with highly qualified prospective plastic surgeons, Caroline and her parents decided Dr. Burstein gave them the “right feeling” about what needed to be done to deliver the cosmetic changes Caroline was after. Caroline also appreciated Dr. Burstein extensive experience with teenage rhinoplasty patients and his specialty experience with facial plastic surgery. Caroline’s mother Allison remembers their first consultation with Dr. Burstein, “I was impressed by Dr. Burstein’s extremely detail-oriented personality: his ability to listen to what Caroline wanted out of the surgery and also his professional and confident way of offering clear advice as to how she could achieve the best results possible.”

Dr. Burstein’s in-depth rhinoplasty consisted of a septoplasty, nasal tip asymmetry revision, and shaving of the bump on the bridge of Caroline’s nose to successfully address the underlying structural issues contributing to Caroline’s cosmetic complaints. In addition to the rhinoplasty, Dr. Burstein also repositioned Caroline’s chin to enhance her facial proportion. Known as genioplasty, this procedure moves the patient’s own chin to a more aesthetically pleasing position through a small incision inside the mouth. This technique avoids potential long term problems sometimes seen with artificial implants. Inspite of the extensive work performed by Dr. Burstein, Caroline’s mom says she recovered quickly and was surprised at the rate at which her daughter was able to return to her regular activities, hobbies, and even summer travel plans. Allison remarked, “I will admit that the first week after Caroline’s surgery was a little rough, but Dr. Burstein gave us a very good idea of what to expect and helped us every step along the way. I was really surprised when we only had to tape Caroline’s nose during her recovery. The other surgeons we saw made it seem like the procedures would be much more involved and harder to recover. I attribute Caroline’s speedy recover to both Dr. Burstein’s experience, as well as Caroline’s age.”

Allison elaborated about the age factor and their decision as parents to allow their daughter to have cosmetic surgery, “Caroline came to us several times over the course of several years complaining about her nose. My husband and I could really tell that it was something she wanted for herself. As parents, we knew that it was right time because she’s only at home for one more year before she goes off to college and we wanted to be sure we could be there, close to her doctor, to ensure she healed properly.”

Rhinoplasty & Genioplasty Results Atlanta GA

Rhinoplasty & Genioplasty Results Atlanta GADespite Caroline’s naturally introverted personality, she is very satisfied with her rhinoplasty results and tells all of her friends about her surgical experience with Dr. Burstein. Allison closes with how satisfied she and her husband are with Caroline’s results, “I could tell just by the way Dr. Burstein interacted with his staff at our appointments that it was a very professional operation and that they all care for each other and think of their plastic surgery patients as family.”

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