Meet Dr. Burstein’s March 2013 Cosmetic Surgery Spotlight Patient

Before Revision rhinoplasty Atlanta GA After Revision rhinoplasty Atlanta GA Before Revision rhinoplasty Atlanta GA After Revision rhinoplasty Atlanta GA

*Results provided by Dr. Fernando Burstein of Atlanta Plastic Surgery, PC.  Treatment results may vary from person to person.

A few years following her first rhinoplasty surgery in 2004, Maria was no longer happy with her results. Originally from Orlando, FL., Maria’s job as a traveling emergency room nurse brought her to Atlanta, where she began searching for a plastic surgeon to reshape her nose. After visiting Dr. Fernando Burstein’s website and viewing his reviews and credentials online, Maria was impressed with his ratings and reputation as a facial plastic surgeon. She scheduled a consultation after learning Dr. Burstein specialized in revisionary rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) changes the shape of the nose by addressing the appearance of different features such as the tip, bridge, and/or nostrils. Patients who are not satisfied with their initial results or patients experiencing complications from their first procedure can undergo secondary rhinoplasty or revision surgery. During Maria’s prior rhinoplasty, her surgeon removed a bump on her bridge, which ultimately produced a flatter appearance than Maria desired.  To address her concerns, Dr. Burstein used a dermal grafting technique by harvesting cartilage from Maria’s ear to add volume to the nose and create a more defined tip. By using materials from the patient’s own body, Dr. Burstein’s technique decreases the risk of post-operative infection.

Maria described Dr. Burstein and his medical team as “very informative” with “stand-out bedside manner.” She said the nurses made her feel comfortable by answering any questions and providing exceptional, individualized care. Since her procedure was only performed a couple of months ago, Maria is still recovering, but she is very satisfied with the results so far and is excited to see her full nose surgery results after completely healing. Maria says she’d highly recommend Dr. Burstein to any patient, especially for rhinoplasty.

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