Lifting and Contouring the Face after Major Weight Loss

As medical knowledge advances and we come to better understand the long term benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle, more people are taking measures to get in shape.  Weight loss surgery, liposuction, and rigorous diet and exercise programs are helping millions of people slim down around the world.  However, it is also important to consider the effects that fluctuating weight can have on the features of the face and neck, as well as how those effects can best be addressed with facial plastic surgery procedures, in order to achieve truly optimal, comprehensive results.

double chin surgery atlanta gaThe gradual accumulation of fat, over time, stretches the skin and underlying musculature to such a degree that, if the excess fat is ever lost, sagging skin is inevitably left behind.  In fact, according to a recent article published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), patients who have lost a substantial amount of weight, in general, find themselves having to deal with a large amount of redundant skin and soft tissue.  While this is true of both the body and the face, the tissues of the face are nearly impossible to exercise, making it much more difficult to eliminate excess skin in this area.  Many patients commonly undergo body contouring procedures to remove excessive skinfolds in the upper and lower body, but those procedures do nothing to relieve the sagging skin left behind in the face and neck.  Such conditions often need to be addressed with facial contouring or full facelift procedures.

In the facial area, excess skin causes cosmetic problems like a “droopy” face and “turkey” neck.  These issues can be particularly problematic in that they mar the overall results of all the hard work that went into losing the weight in the first place and make the patient appear far older than they actually are.  Certain plastic surgery procedures, like neck or facelifts, are specifically designed to address these concerns.  A neck lift, for example, works by removing excess skin and fat from around the neck and underneath the chin, while simultaneously tightening the underlying muscles to eliminate slack jowls and the colloquial “double chin”.  Similarly, a full facelift procedure does much the same for the face itself, lifting and smoothing the facial features to create a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.  Finally, for faces left looking hollow and gaunt by substantial weight loss, various facial contouring procedures can actually augment the chin or cheeks, giving the entire face more balanced contours and a more elegantly sculpted profile.

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