The Subtle Rejuvenation of Mini-Facelifts

We all have to grow older, and each of us has to deal with a uniquely individual combination of factors, including heredity, sun exposure, and lifestyle choices, that impact the rate at which the signs of aging begin to manifest in our bodies.  Because no two faces age in exactly the same way, I have developed an approach to facial plastic surgery and anti-aging cosmetic procedures that is individually tailored to each patient’s unique cosmetic needs.  My goal is to promote an open line of communication with my patients, so they can help me to understand their chief concerns and we can devise a graduated care plan that naturally enhances their best features while minimizing risk, recovery time, and patient expense.

atlanta-eyelid-surgeryOne of the most useful tools in achieving those ends is the mini-facelift.  I have found that the best plastic surgery results are often obtained when smaller scale, minimally invasive procedures can be used to make subtle but lasting changes that can postpone or even alleviate the need for more extensive procedures later on.  A mini-facelift is a precision technique designed to target a highly specific region of the face, treating certain signs of facial aging when they first begin to appear and before they can become pervasive.  A mid-facelift, for example, lifts and repositions the fat in the cheeks to a position over the cheekbones while removing excess fat from under the eyes.  These subtle changes accentuate the natural contours of the face, alleviating the subtle signs of facial aging without the need for a traditional full facelift procedure.

By the same token, an upper facelift can smooth the appearance of deep forehead furrows and frown lines, but does not involve more extensive tightening of the muscles to address the hooding that occurs over the eyes when the eyebrows start to sag, like a full forehead lift would.  Likewise, a lower facelift can remove excess fat and skin while tightening the underlying muscles of the lower jaw region, but requires significantly less alteration than a neck lift.  Because these procedures are less invasive, and can frequently even be done endoscopically, using only very tiny incisions above the hair line or behind the ears, they require less post-surgical downtime and allow you to get back to your regular routine with minimal interruption.

Finally, it has been my experience that a balanced, even skin tone is often one of the most effective ways to give the whole face a younger, fresher look.  I often recommend to my patients a chemical peel after a surgical procedure in order to minimize the appearance of minor skin imperfections, like fine lines and wrinkles, rough patches of skin, and even minor scars and maximizing their facial plastic surgery results.

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