Non-Surgical Procedures to Minimize the Effects of Aging

It is my belief that the natural effects of aging on the face can be minimized with a gradual, long-term approach.  By starting early in the aging process with minor, non-surgical treatments, you can keep your features looking younger longer and help any subsequent cosmetic surgery procedures achieve more optimal results.  Keeping the face looking young and fresh is largely a matter of maintaining the skin’s elasticity and volume while keeping its surface free from marks and blemishes and there are a number of non-surgical treatments that can help accomplish those goals.

non surgical facial rejuvenation atlanta ga - dr fernando bursteinInjectable cosmetics like Botox® and Juvéderm® are excellent ways to keep the face looking young and vital.  Years of repetitive facial expressions wear on the delicate skin around the eyes and throughout the upper face, causing the tiny creases known as crow’s feet and frown lines.  Botox® relaxes the facial muscles responsible for the appearance of these fine lines and wrinkles, making them fade and leaving the skin smooth and younger looking.  Similarly, as we age, the skin can lose volume, becoming lax and sagging lower on the face to create the deep folds and furrows associated with age.  Juvéderm®, Restylane®, and other facial fillers work to restore the lost facial volume and give the face the plump firmness of youth.

There are also a number of technological advancements that can help alleviate the signs of aging.  Environmental factors like smoking and exposure to the ultraviolet radiation in sunlight can cause damage to the surface of the skin, leaving it dry, tough, and weathered.  The Sciton® Erbium laser skin resurfacing system can treat the fine lines and wrinkles, liver spots, and pigment irregularities that are the result of long term damage by removing dead and damaged surface skin and exposing new, fresh skin underneath.   Sagging and loss of skin tone can also be treated with Ultherapy®, a skin tightening system that uses ultrasound technology to gently warm the deeper layers of tissue, strengthening the skin from within and promoting collagen production while lifting and tightening loose skin.

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