Ask Dr. Burstein: What Procedures Can Make a Man’s Face Look Younger?

Double board-certified plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist (head and neck surgeon) Dr. Fernando Burstein has spent a lifetime performing cosmetic and reconstructive facial plastic surgery procedures ranging from cleft lip and palate repair to aesthetic rhinoplasty and even ear surgery on men and women of all ages.  In our ongoing blog feature, Ask Dr. Burstein, we will have the opportunity to hear him answer some of the most frequently asked questions he receives about facial plastic surgery and anti-aging facial rejuvenation procedures.

Ask Dr. Burstein What Procedures Can Make a Man’s Face Look YoungerQUESTION: I am a healthy male in my early forties, but lately I’ve started to notice that people seem to think that I look much older than I actually am.  I must admit that my skin does look blotchy and rough, presumably because I was a cigarette smoker years ago, but recently it seems as though my face has somehow lost weight, leaving my skin loose and wrinkled.  My eyelids have even started to sag to the point where people are constantly asking me if I am tired or upset.  Are there any simple and straightforward procedures that can help a man like me look younger?

ANSWER: Absolutely!  There are many different non-surgical facial rejuvenation and surgical cosmetic procedures that can help men look younger.  In fact, because men often have thicker, more resilient skin, some procedures may actually work even better on them than they do on women.  It sounds as though you are dealing with three distinct problems: accumulated skin damage, loss of facial volume, and eyelid ptosis, or sagging.  The first is best addressed with a chemical peel, which uses a gentle acid solution to remove the damaged layers of skin and expose the newer, younger-looking skin underneath.  The second issue is actually quite common; as the skin ages, fat deposits start to break down and the loss of tissue elasticity allows the fat that remains to slide downward.  This tends to give the face the characteristic “hollow and gaunt” appearance people commonly associate with old age.  In the early stages, facial volume can be restored with injectable facial fillers, like Juvéderm® or Restylane®.  However, older patients who need more significant restoration, or people with thin or oblong faces who have less facial fat to begin with, frequently gain more benefit from fat transfer techniques.  For sagging eyelids, I have found that many men your age can benefit from an upper and/or lower blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery.  This procedure removes tiny fat deposits and excess skin from the upper and lower eyelids, alleviating the sagging and puffiness that makes you look tired or angry.  All of these procedures require either minimal or no downtime, allowing you to continue your busy schedule with little to no interruption.

Because every patient has their own individual areas of concern, every face requires a customized approach, so if you are interested in finding out exactly what specific facial procedures would be best for you please contact me, Dr. Fernando Burstein so that we can schedule a full consultation.  Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for the latest facial plastic surgery news.