Meet Our February 2011 Spotlight Patient

Lower Facelift & Neck Liposuction Results Atlanta GeorgiaLower Facelift & Neck Liposuction Results Atlanta Georgia

Tired of looking haggard, Deborah felt it was time for a change.  Although she’s always taken good care of herself, nothing could stop the natural aging process, so she had a lower facelift procedure with Dr. Fernando Burstein including liposuction of the neck and jowls.  After thorough research online, Deborah consulted with five different prospective plastic surgeons, but was most impressed by Dr. Burstein’s extensive knowledge of the facial anatomy and the fact that he only operates on faces.

Deborah received a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) from a different surgeon back in 1995, and chose to spend the night in the hospital after her facelift because she knew her tendency to feel sick after surgery.  She said, “Staying at the hospital overnight was the best option for me.  Dr. Burstein’s medical staff checked on me around the clock; overall, I had a great experience.”  She said she didn’t even have to ask for anything because the nurses were so attentive.

Taking about two and a half weeks off of work, she said most of the swelling was gone by the 3rd week and she was completely recovered by the 4th week.  She stated, “I love the results.  I no longer feel like I look tired and haggard when I look in the mirror.”  She said that the best part about her cosmetic surgery is that “it looks natural; people can’t put their finger on what I’ve had done.”  Dr. Burstein strives to provide subtle cosmetic results with facelift surgery.  In Deborah’s words, “He doesn’t give you that wind-blown look.”

Deborah mentioned that the people who undergo plastic surgery “want to look good, not shocking.”  Dr. Burstein takes that into consideration with every patient he meets, which is why he works to hide scars so they’re least noticeable.  Deborah was very impressed with her scars, and says they were hidden very well.

Pleased with her choice of Dr. Burstein as her plastic surgeon, Deborah said that he “only gives you what you really need.”  During consultation, Dr. Burstein listens to his patient’s goals and discusses their desired procedures.  He voices his honest opinion and will tell patients if their desired procedure will accomplish their goals, which increases the patient’s overall satisfaction.

Equally pleased with Dr. Burstein’s staff, Deborah made an appointment with Dr. Burstein’s nurse practitioner to receive facial filling injections (i.e., Restylane® or Juvéderm®)  to complete her new look.  To see more of Dr. Burstein’s pleased patients, check out the spotlight patient section and before and after photo gallery on his website.  Dr. Burstein also performs many other facial cosmetic and reconstructive procedures in addition to facelifts including: rhinoplasty (nose surgery), genioplasty (chin surgery), and maxillofacial surgery.  Visit his website for more information, and keep reading his blog to learn more about facial plastic surgery.