Meet Our December Spotlight Patient








Atlanta native Katie first met Dr. Burstein before she could remember. As a pediatric reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Burstein was on the team of surgeons that helped repair the cleft lip Katie was born with. As an adult, Katie began contemplating cosmetic surgery for herself, hoping to reshape her nose. This time last year she decided to take the leap and seek plastic surgery again.

Katie’s mother recommended that she look into Dr. Fernando Burstein who helped perform her cleft lip reconstruction an infant. After research and consultations, Katie found that Burstein’s surgical recommendations fit her cosmetic goals: “As an adult going in for surgery, it’s not the same as when I was a child. When I was young, everyone focused on fixing the issue, but as an adult, Dr. Burstein looked at my whole face.”

Though she went into her consultation interested in nose reshaping, Dr. Burstein recommended that Katie consider chin surgery (genioplasty) as well to help her achieve her desired aesthetic. She is so glad she followed Dr. Burstein’s suggestions. Katie underwent cleft nasal reconstruction, cleft lip revision, genioplasty, and neck liposuction.

Before going into surgery, Katie says she read things on the internet about plastic and reconstructive surgery that scared her and made her expect the worst, but her experience with Dr. Burstein put all her fears to rest. “Obviously in a good surgeon’s hands, it’s not as bad as I read about. My overall experience was good.” Katie says her surgery went smoothly and that she was even eating solid food like noodles on the same day. When asked, Katie said she would definitely consider Dr. Burstein for another surgery.

An artist and online merchant , Katie is very pleased with her results from Dr. Burstein. In fact, the results she likes most are the suggestions Dr. Burstein made in addition to her nose reshaping, especially the genioplasty which she feels balances her profile.

Harrell also notes that there wasn’t much information available for adults who may be interested in cleft palate and lip revision surgery, and that she would definitely recommend Dr. Burstein for his informative nature and ability to walk prospective patients through the procedures.

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