Common Reconstructive Procedures for Pediatric Patients

As Medical Director of the Center of Craniofacial Disorders at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Dr. Fernando Burstein performs reconstructive procedures for patients of all ages to resolve abnormalities caused by trauma or congenital disorders. A facial abnormality can be present at birth or as a child develops. Reconstructive surgery can be performed as early as possible to prevent further development and to ease a parent’s concerns for their child. There are many different disorders that can be treated, and Dr. Burstein employs over 25 years of surgical experience to treating his pediatric patients for common disorders such as cleft lip and palate and muscular torticollis.

Atlanta Cleft lip surgery patient dr fernando bursteinCleft lip and cleft palate are few of the most common birth defects as about 1 in 1,000 babies is born with this disorder according to the American Academy of Otolaryngology.  A “cleft” means a separation which can occur on the lip and/or palate including the gum and base of the nose and can affect eating, speaking, and even breathing. To correct a cleft lip, Dr. Burstein reconstructs small tissues of the lip and nose to eliminate the separation of the lip and to reconnect the nose. For a cleft palate, Dr. Burstein reconstructs the roof of the mouth. This condition can be unilateral (occurring on one side of the mouth) or bilateral (both sides).

Another congenital disorder, muscular torticollis, is not as common as cleft lip and palate but can cause facial asymmetry and affect a patient’s neck and head mobility. Reconstructive surgery can be performed if initial treatments such as physical therapy and molding helmets do not improve the patient’s condition. Dr. Burstein has developed a unique endoscopic treatment to release scar tissue in the affected neck muscle. By using an endoscope, or a small surgical camera, the risk of complications and scarring are both significantly reduced.

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