Meet Dr. Burstein’s February 2014 Spotlight Patient

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*Results provided by Dr. Fernando Burstein of Atlanta Plastic Surgery, PC.  Treatment results may vary from person to person.

Born in Ringgold, Georgia, Samuel has been a patient of Dr. Fernando Burstein’s even before he could remember. His mother Michelle describes Samuel as “very athletic” and is proud of him as he balances football, baseball, and basketball along with his high school studies. With his confidence and athletic background, many would never guess that Samuel was born with a unilateral cleft that affected his nose, lip, and palate. After her husband received a recommendation from a Physician Assistant at Emory Hospital, Michelle decided to choose Dr. Burstein to repair her son’s cleft. She was very pleased with Dr. Burstein and Samuel’s results, so she continued to go to Dr. Burstein for Samuel’s other reconstructive procedures as he grew up.

Samuel has undergone multiple reconstructive procedures ranging from cleft lip revisions and hypoplasty procedures (surgery to address underdeveloped tissue) to reconstructive rhinoplasty and jaw surgery. Double board certified in plastic surgery and otolaryngology, Dr. Burstein repaired Samuel’s cleft when he was an infant and continued to perform further revisionary surgeries as needed for his lip and nose as Samuel grew up to ensure proper development and function.

Today at 17 years old, Samuel lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee but continues to visit Atlanta for his appointments with Dr. Burstein. “We have a well-respected and very experienced craniofacial surgeon here [in Chattanooga], but we still prefer Dr. Burstein,” says Michelle. “Everything has been so great and we haven’t had any complications at all so it’s worth it.” As Samuel continues to excel in school and sports, he’s preparing for military college after high school. Michelle always feels thankful for Dr. Burstein as she recalls, “Dr. Burstein told me his goal was to make sure Sam had a normal life and growth. I’ll always tell him thank you as that’s exactly what he did.”

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