Achieving Natural Looking Results with Facial Contouring

Despite the fact that plastic surgery procedures can correct a number of different formative and structural concerns, they are most often used to achieve overall cosmetic improvement.  However, optimal cosmetic surgery results are seldom achieved by merely altering the appearance of a single facial feature.  The individual shapes and contours that make up the face work best when they balance and complement one another, working together to achieve a harmonious whole.  This is why facial contouring procedures work best when we look at the face holistically, focusing on how each individual feature can contribute to the whole.

atlanta-facial-plastic-surgery-fernando burstein (4)atlanta-facial-plastic-surgery-fernando burstein (1)For example, many patients come in and ask me if I can reduce the size of their nose.  However, simply performing a reduction rhinoplasty would be doing these patients a disservice.  A significantly smaller nose may look unnatural or oddly proportioned on their face, or worse may cause obstructions in airflow and breathing.  I can usually achieve far superior results by combining a less drastic nose surgery with augmentations to the patient’s chin or jaw, depending of course on the specific details of an individual patient’s facial anatomy.  By adjusting the balance of the facial features, we can create a natural looking and aesthetically pleasing profile with only very minor structural adjustments.

Adjustments to the chin, jaw, or cheeks can generally be accomplished through a variety of facial contouring techniques.  Artificial implants can increase the size and projection of a chin, the width of the lower third of the face, or even the projection of the cheekbones, adding volume to areas that may appear recessed for flat.  However, whenever possible, I prefer to use an autologous graft made up of cartilage, bone, or fat taken from other areas of the patient’s body in lieu of an artificial implant.  In my experience, using natural grafts or fat transfer achieves much more natural looking results while significantly reducing the risk of allergic reaction or post-operative infection.  Moreover, because these augmentations can be made through incisions inside the mouth, they can be done without visible scarring.

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