Meet Dr. Burstein’s April Spotlight Patient

Craniofacial Reconstructive Surgery in Atlanta, GeorgiaCraniofacial Reconstructive Surgery in Atlanta, Georgia

Jennifer loves her bubbly son Elijah.  She loves watching him sit up, smile, laugh, and interact with his older brother. This past Valentine’s Day, Dr. Fernando Burstein worked with Dr. Barun Brahma of Pediatric Neurosurgery Associates, their pediatric neurosurgeon, to perform craniofacial reconstructive surgery to correct Elijah’s saggital craniosynostosis.  This condition results in an elongated narrow head.

Occurring in one out of every 1,000 births, craniosynostosis is marked by an abnormally shaped skull caused by prematurely fused cranial sutures.  These sutures are the points at which the bony plates of the skull come together during fetal development to form the head.  Given the importance of proper formation for optimal function and appearance, most surgeons recommend the pediatric reconstructive surgery before the patient reaches one year of age.

While the implications of Elijah not undergoing the surgery were very scary to his family, the thought of Elijah having to endure the skull surgery and the recovery made them even more apprehensive- until they spoke with Dr. Burstein at the recommendation of Elijah’s neurosurgeon.

“Dr. Burstein was so great in calming our fears about Elijah’s surgery.  He carefully explained what he would be doing in the surgery, what to expect with recovery, and what to expect once he healed.  I was amazed that someone as renowned as Dr. Burstein had such a pleasant, attentive bedside manner with children.  He visited Elijah’s hospital room after the surgery to make sure everyone was doing okay (me and my husband included),” Jennifer said.

Pediatric reconstruction results take longer to reveal than adult procedure results because most emerge fully only after a child’s growth; therefore, Elijah will report every six months to Dr. Burstein’s office to ensure that he is progressing successfully.  Jennifer happily expressed an excellent report from Elijah’s first follow-up appointment, and said that if Elijah needed any additional facial reconstruction procedures, she and her husband would gladly trust Dr. Burstein to perform them.

Jennifer added, “Elijah is the same happy baby he was before surgery, except now we’re even more optimistic about his wonderful future–we think that has a lot to do with Dr. Burstein’s expertise and the great care he gives his patients.”

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