Our May Spotlight Patient Chose Dr. Burstein for His Rhinoplasty

Our May spotlight patient, Chris, is always on the go. Originally from New York, he has travelled around the world since college living almost everywhere including the west coast, England, and Japan. Now settled in the U.S. with an IT company, Chris maintains his breakneck speed with three daughters, a racecar, and motorcycle driving hobby. Before seeing Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. Fernando Burstein, though, his fast-paced lifestyle was interrupted by his sleeping habits.

“I wasn’t sleeping because I couldn’t breathe well at night,” says Chris. Between football and wrestling during his youth, he had broken his nose multiple times resulting in a deviated septum that blocked his airways. Chris’s girlfriend convinced him to look into having his nasal passages reconstructed so he’d be able to breathe and sleep better.

Chris admits he was very apprehensive about his reconstructive rhinoplasty surgery, “I’d never been under anesthesia before and wasn’t sure what the final results would look like.” Dr. Burstein and his medical team worked to ensure Chris felt comfortable going into the procedure, answering all his questions thoroughly and giving him the specialized attention and care they give each patient. “You feel like you’re getting special treatment,” says Chris.

After the surgery, Chris says he recovered quickly and is pleased with his natural-looking rhinoplasty results. His number one priority—sleeping better—was achieved through the surgery as he is now able to breathe throughout the night without interruptions. He’s happy with his results on a personal level, as well, “You look in the mirror and you like what you see better than you did before… I’m really glad I did it.”

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