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  • Deformities of the Skull
  • Deformities of the Skull
  • Deformities of the Skull
  • Deformities of the Skull
  • Deformities of the Skull

Pediatric Deformities of the Skull / Craniosynostosis

The skull is made up of many different fibrous joints called sutures which fuse together while  in the womb. For some infants, the fusing process does not take place as it should and congenital defects like craniosynostosis result. Craniosynostosis is the result of an improper fusing of the sutures of the skull and can cause an abnormal head shape in infants. Other abnormalities of the skull, like a flat-looking head, develop when the sutures shift improperly during the birthing process. Board certified in otolaryngology, Dr. Burstein recommends that parents see a reconstructive pediatric surgeon as soon as possible so that skull deformities can be repaired to prevent any developmental problems. During surgery, Dr. Burstein reconstructs the skull to a more natural shape and position to allow for both aesthetic and functional development.

skull deformities


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